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Article: 2019 Adapted Screenplay Competition (renamed Adapted Story Showcase)

2019 Adapted Story Showcase - Image of Vintage Typewriter

2019 Adapted Screenplay Competition (renamed Adapted Story Showcase)

The Adapted Story Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories, & stage plays in any genre that feature an adapted story.



by Daniel Alburez
based on the book "Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Grey

Genre: Western

Logline: While looking to avenge the death of his sister and locate her missing child, a notorious gunman befriends and defends a spinster who is being persecuted by the town's religious leaders.


1984 by Rose Paleologos (based on the book by George Orwell)

DEATH FENCES by Ron Chepesiuk (based on the book "Death Fences: Memoir of a Whistleblower" by Caroline Giammanco)

DEATH OF A REVOLUTIONARY by Marshall Ferrin (based on the book "Danton's Death" by Georg Buechner)

FORTRESS OF THE HEART by Mark Hedges (based on the true story of Judith Zatony-Vaughn) and the book "Fortitude" by Christina Gikas)

HEART OF DARKNESS by Margaret Blair Young (based on the book by Joseph Conrad)

I KILLED PINK FLOYD'S PIG by Jason Fraley (based on the book by Beau Phillips)

IN HYDING by Carlos Perez (based on the book "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson)

LULU by Samuel Garza Bernstein (based on the book by Samuel Garza Bernstein)

MERCURY AND ME by Maya Lewins (based on the book by Jim Hutton)

MY TAINTED BLOOD by Paul Sargia (based on the book by Hubert C. Kueter)

ORLEY FARM by Lynn Kear (based on the book by Anthony Trollope) 

THE GOD MACHINE by Jeff Zorrilla and Fernando Dominguez (based on the book "The Invention of Morel" by Adolfo Bioy Casares)

THE KNIGHTS OF ATHENS by Robert J. Kem (based on the play "The Knights" by Aristophanes)

THE LONGEST HALLOWEEN by Greg Gilman (based on the book "The Longest Halloween II: The Hunt for the Forever Amulet" by Frank Wood) 

THE LOVELY DARK by Bronwyn Lewis and Molly Lewis (based on the book "Lovely, Dark and Deep" by Joyce Carol Oates)

THE RIFLE by Diana Lee Woody (based on the short story by William Leggett)

THE TURN OF THE SCREW by Lorenzo Tamburini (based on the book by Henry James)

WE CARRY NUTHIN' OUT by Lawrence Whitener (based on the book "The Night of the Hunter" by Davis Grubb and the film, adapted by James Agee)


Writer Gender
Male: 74%
Female: 26%

Adaptation Source
Book: 100%

Based on
True Story: 32%
Public Domain Material: 31%

Drama: 47%
Science Fiction/Fantasy: 16%
Western: 16%
Comedy: 11%
Horror: 5%
Thriller/Mystery/Crime: 5%

Submission Location
United States: 84%
Europe: 8%
Canada: 5%
South America: 3%

Feature Screenplay: 73%
Television Script: 17%
Short Script: 10%