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Article: 2019 Diversity Film & Script Showcase

2019 Diversity Film & Script Showcase - Image of Film Roll

2019 Diversity Film & Script Showcase

The Diversity Showcase recognizes stories in any genre that feature a creator, or a story about a lead character, from an under-represented community.



written by Robert L. Hopkins and Rob LaLoggia

Genre: Crime/Street Drama

Logline: After the investigation of his best friend's murder goes cold, quick witted juvenile delinquent Stephen "Live" Mitchell teaches himself to be a detective in order to bring a dangerous killer to street justice.

Bio: African-American writer Robert L. Hopkins life is the inspiration for Aristocrat Manor. Born into poverty to a single mother who suffered from schizophrenia and never meeting his father, Robert was able to overcome his turbulent home life, and the violence in the streets of Charleston, SC, to come to work in the business that no one ever thought possible. Robert's path to working as a director's assistant on Marlon Wayans' Netflix film Naked would never have seemed possible considering his stays in juvenile detention and several stints in county jail. Robert's last stay in detention during the Summer of 1996 in the Al Cannon Detention Center was the catalyst for the turn. Just narrowly avoiding prison, Robert was able to finally steer his life in the direction of his true passion, film. Robert has worked in TV and film, most recently on TV's Mr. Mercedes, The Righteous Gemstones, and the 2018 release of the 40th anniversary of the film Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.



written by Karen M. Walker

Genre: Drama | True Story

Logline: An injured military veteran uses her love of the game to rise above tragedy and lead Marines on the battlefront once again.

Bio: Dr. Karen M. Walker is a combat veteran with three successful tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is an advocate for change and works as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. This is her first screenplay and it is based on her personal experience. It represents a therapeutic journey and her passion to help veterans in their transition from service.



AKATEWA written by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat, Edith Woi and Robin F. Gainey

AT THE MERCY OF FAITH written by Samuel Taylor

BEST INTEREST written by James Montague Freeman

BUDHI DIWALI directed and produced by Mela Ram Sharma, written by Rajendra Rajan

COYOTE directed by Marbet Marin, written by Marbet Marin, Nora Curran and Caitlin Sheridan, produced by Nora Curran and Alyssa Campbell

DEATH AT SEA written by Samuel Heath-Dray

ERASED written by Ambrealys Petonnet-Vincent, Camille Huot and Tasha Lann

FLYING BIRD'S DIARY written by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

I HAD A GREAT DAY written by Melissa Darch

JERUSALEM: A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE directed by Awad Joumaa

LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR written by Lisa Wood

POWER COUPLE written by DJ Johnson

PUSHOUT: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF BLACK GIRLS IN SCHOOLS directed by Jacoba Atlas, written by Monique Morris and Jacoba Atlas, produced by Denise Pines and Jacoba Atlas

SHE TOUCHED ME written by Timothy Wayne Folsome

SO FOREIGN directed by Trisha LaFache, written and produced by Mariana Brassaroto and Albina Katsman

THE BET written by Jorge Gonzalez

THE FORTUNATE written by Alyce Tzue

THE OPERATOR written by Huey Q. Pham and Jessica Petrucci

THE WAY HOME directed by Yiran Zhou, written by Yiran Zhou and Zheng Nie, produced by Summer Xinlei Yang

WHEREVER YOU ARE written by Marina Pereiro Davis


Writer/Filmmaker Gender
Male: 58%
Female: 42%

Drama: 31%
Horror: 27%
Comedy: 15%
Documentary: 11%
Thriller/Mystery/Crime: 8%
Action/Adventure: 8%

Submission Location
United States: 85%
South America: 6%
Central America: 5%
Australia: 3%
Asia: 1%

Feature Screenplay: 57%
Feature Film: 12%
Documentary: 11%
Short Film: 11%
Television Script: 4%
Web Episode: 3%
Television Episode: 2%