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Showcase Reviews

Honored and Delighted
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Honored and delighted my stage play was an Official Selection! Thanks!
Ron Kaehler - May 7, 2024

A Chance to Manifest My Dreams
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to be officially selected for The First 10 Pages Showcase. Thanks again for giving me the chance to manifest my dreams.
Anita Osuigwe-Spencer - May 5, 2024

Love That This Competition Centers on American Stories
***** American Story Showcase
I am honored that my project was recognized as an Official Selection. The main reason that I submitted my screenplay to the American Story Showcase is because this competition specifically centers on stories that capture the American spirit. Gratefully, I was correct in my choice. Hopefully my story will find its way to industry professionals.
Vincent Matsudaira - April 29, 2024

A Great Opportunity
***** American Story Showcase
Great Opportunity and communication during such an odd time for our industry. Glad to be chosen and to be a part. Thanks for the acknowledgements!!
Tommy Anderson - April 22, 2024

A Great Experience All Around
***** Military Story Showcase
A great experience all around with this outstanding film festival.
Damien Mulvany - April 21, 2024

A Memorable Experience
***** Military Story Showcase
A big thank you to the amazing organizers of the festival for creating such a memorable experience! Your dedication made this experience unforgettable for me.
Cedric Hemon - April 7, 2024

Very Good Festival
**** Military Story Showcase
Very good festival. It would be even better if they offered a feedback option.
Marshall Ferrin - April 6, 2024

Highly Communicative & Extremely Supportive
***** American Story Showcase
I am absolutely thrilled and honored that my story is an Official Selection in the American Story Showcase event! The event administrators are highly communicative and extremely supportive to writers! I highly recommend them!!!
Sean Chandler - April 3, 2024

Well Organized and Well Presented
***** American Story Showcase
Very rewarding for my screenplay to be selected for festival at Ink & Cinema's American Story Showcase, a well-organized, well-presented and prestigious competition.
Michael Gould - March 8, 2024

It's An Honor
***** American Story Showcase
It is an honor to be selected for inclusion in the American Story Showcase.
Jonathan Turner Smith - March 7,2024

Grateful For This Honor
***** American Story Showcase
Thank you American Story Showcase for selecting my faith-based/horror/drama screenplay as an Official Selection. I am very grateful for this honor!
Samuel Taylor - March 7, 2024

One of the Best
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
One of the best contests!
Leiter Daniellson - December 19, 2023

A Great Experience
***** True Story Showcase
A great experience all around! I highly recommend this contest.
Damien Mulvany - June 7, 2023

Great Ease of Entry and Good Opportunity
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
I was selected initially but have had no communication since. Otherwise, great ease of entry and opportunity.
Nancy Hashim - May 19, 2023

Nancy - Congratulations on your placement in the 2023 First 10 Pages Showcase. We appreciate the feedback and the 5-star review. Our records show we sent you an email on March 13, with Official Selection details, next steps, and laurels. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to email us directly for a prompt response. - Ink & Cinema

Thank You for the Official Selection
***** True Story Showcase
Thank you for selecting my WWII biopic Ritchie Boy as an official selection in the 2023 contest!
Alan J. Field - May 15, 2023

What Goes on Behind the Scenes
**** The Crime List
Not sure what happens behind the scenes (pardon the pun). Maybe my screenplay is being seen by industry folks, but other than the recognition, which I appreciate, I haven't heard from anyone to move the project forward.
Anonymous Reviewer - May 8, 2023 

Hi Anonymous - Congratulations on your placement in The Crime List, and thank you for taking the time to review the showcase. We appreciate the feedback and the 4-star review. To clarify, the showcase does not provide services to "move your project forward". The Crime List recognizes exceptional stories. The Winner receives a cash prize, and Official Selections are showcased on the Ink & Cinema website, and receive a laurel (most writers find an Official Selection placement and laurel valuable when pitching their stories to managers, executives and producers.) We wish you all the best with your endeavors, and hope to read more of your stories in the future. - Ink & Cinema

Great Venue
***** Military Story Showcase
Great venue for authors of war-related books.
Tom Smith - March 12, 2023

Excellent Opportunity
***** Military Story Showcase
Thanks for this opportunity and the selection!
Corey Shields - March 11, 2023

***** Military Story Showcase
Very honored to be selected.
Seamus Sullivan - March 10, 2023

Appreciate This Showcase
***** Military Story Showcase
I definitely appreciate that my screenplay Camden Street Station was selected by the judges. Thank you.
Dennis Snider - March 9, 2023 

Army Veteran Grateful for This Venue
***** Military Story Showcase
It was wonderful to see Doomsday Soldiers be included in the festival Official Selection. Thirty-five years ago, when I was in the Army, I learned of the special teams designated to conduct such high-risk missions and knew then there was a good story to be told. I'm grateful that Military Story Showcase provided such a venue. Thank you!!
Mike Yorke - March 8, 2023

Great Insights Help Me with My Story
**** Military Story Showcase
The festival offers great insight into the demographics of the collective submissions. Was honored to be selected as an official selection (finalist). This contest helps me determine whether I have created a solid story.
Anonymous Writer - March 7, 2023

Great Experience
***** Military Story Showcase
Great Experience! Glad our work was able to be included! 
Robert Nelson - March 6, 2023

Terrific Showcase
***** True Story Showcase
This is terrific showcase. I am quite honored that my screenplay was selected. Thank you!
Kathleen Welton - February 26, 2023

An Honor for a USMC Veteran
***** Military Story Showcase
It is such an honor for a USMC veteran to receive this recognition from the Military Story Showcase for my script, Tippy, which is about an enlisted backwoods-auto mechanic who ends up a "Triple Ace" Marine fighter pilot during WWII, and is loosely based on Master Sergeant Tipatue.
Michael Gerald Uva - February 14, 2023

Immensely Important Competition
***** Diversity Showcase
It was an honor for Ash to be selected in Diversity Showcase's immensely important competition.
Dave Stockwell - December 2, 2022

A Festival Dedicated to Letting Writers Know They're on the Right Track
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Thank you so much First 10 Pages Showcase festival! Receiving an Official Selection for Second Chances was beyond encouraging! I really appreciate a festival dedicated to letting screenwriters know immediately, if they're on the right track!
Kara M. Canton - June 22, 2022

Second Time I Have Entered
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
This is the second time that I entered the Showcase. It was simple to enter and I am quite humbled and honored to be an Official Selection for both of my screenplays. Thank you so much!
Kathleen Welton - June 22, 2022

It Was An Honor
***** Military Story Showcase
It was an honor for "ASH" to be selected. The story of the first African American Green Beret to receive the Medal of Honor in U.S. Army Special Forces history deserves it.
Dave Stockwell - May 10, 2022

Extremely Honored
***** Military Story Showcase
I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to participate.
Steven B. Newman - January 18, 2022

No Festival Does a Better Job
***** Adapted Story Showcase
My feature screenplay "Asylum", adapted from my novel, was an Official Selection in the 2021 Adapted Story Showcase. I’ve seen no one do a better job posting winners and even Submissions Statistics on their website than festival sponsor Ink & Cinema. They even sent a personalized "Congratulations" notecard—in real-life mail, a surprise Hollywood ending to a pleasant experience.
Kathryn Orzech - December 15, 2021

Thank You For the Honor
***** Diversity Showcase
Ignacio Trujillo - September 18, 2021

Incredibly Supportive
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Wonderful experience... incredibly supportive communication... so appreciative of a platform that recognizes adapted work!
Carly Keyes - September 17, 2021

Happy and Honored
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Happy and honored to have my screenplay selected and to win an award in this competition.
Ben Burgess Jr. - August 29, 2021

Wonderful Experience
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Open to all sorts of adaptations. Wonderful experience.
T.J. Barkwill - August 23, 2021

Encouraging Diversity
***** Diversity Showcase
Thank you for promoting and encouraging diversity.
Alexandre de Villeneuve - August 23, 2021

Wonderful Showcase
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Wonderful showcase. I love the personal communication.
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel - August 22, 2021

Thank You
***** True Story Showcase
Thank you for selecting A Dyin Breed to participate in the 2021 True Story Screenplay Competition.
Denny Rodman - August 15, 2021

***** True Story Showcase
Very nice. Great competition. Recommend.
Christina Babinsack - August 9, 2021

Good People
***** The Crime List
Thoughtful. They sent a congratulatory note just for being selected. Good people.
T.J. Barkwill - July 4, 2021

Thank You for Taking My Story Seriously
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
I had no idea I was about to face around 600 other screenwriters, mostly Americans. Which is a good thing, because I might have thought : "I'm an unknown guy from France, how can I compete?" And yet, my script made it to the official selection. Thanks to the First 10 Pages Showcase for taking my story and characters so seriously.
Guillaume Banniard - June 29, 2021

It's An Honor
***** The Crime List
It's a no frills festival. It doesn’t have a physical event. The winner receives its official laurel and their work is recorded and cataloged on their website Ink & Cinema. They also provide valuable resources for filmmakers and writers. To me, this festival is an honor. Just the fact to have peers in the biz see my film is sweet. On a side note, I had a request that they responded back and took care of immediately.
Randy Sparks - June 27, 2021

***** The Crime List
Thrilling festival! Thanks for having me, very honored!
Jonathan Zarantonello - June 26, 2021 

Super Great Festival - Definitely Recommend It
***** The Crime List
Super great festival and I love that it's so focused on this genre - which is one of my favorites. I appreciate their attention to detail and their great communication. Definitely recommend it!
Stephanie West - June 24, 2021 

Honored to Make the List
***** The Crime List
Great communication and the handwritten note with the card was a nice touch. Honored to make the list.
Duncan Putney - June 20, 2021

Treated Us Well
***** The Crime List
Great film festival that treated us well! 
Russell Emanuel - June 19, 2021

Tremendous Fest!
***** The Crime List
This is a much needed and tremendous fest!
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel - June 17, 2021

Great Experience
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Great experience. The card sent in the mail was a very nice touch. Thank you for that!
Keith R. Higgons - May 23, 2021

Great Communication
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Great communication and very responsive.
Richard Levine - May 22, 2021

Good Experience
***** Military Story Showcase
Good experience. It is refreshing to see a writing contest focusing on the military. It is rare to see these kinds of scripts get the attention they deserve. Thanks for standing out.
Steve Dini - May 12, 2021

***** Military Story Showcase
Fantastic to have Preacher's Daughter selected to the finals. As I have no military experience, it shows what a good story, research and writing can achieve.
Gregory Bonds - April 23, 2021

An Excellent Venue for Any Veteran or Patriot
***** Military Story Showcase
What an honor for a veteran to receive the recognition of his work from the Military Script Showcase. An excellent venue for any veteran or patriot to express his thoughts, experiences, stories to share.
Richard Rone - April 21, 2021 

It's An Honor
***** Military Story Showcase
It's an honor to have my screenplay Rag Doll make it as an Official Selection in the showcase. It's one thing to make it into a festival, but it is personally so satisfying to receive attention for writing a story that, hopefully, entertains and celebrates our military.
John Kestner - April 20, 2021 

It Was Great
***** Military Story Showcase
It was great to end up in the top 3% and be a selected screenplay for the Military Script Showcase.
Duncan Putney - April 19, 2021

Much Appreciated in the Veteran Community
***** Military Story Showcase
The Military Script Showcase provided a platform for veteran screenwriters. Allowing us to focus on the America we experience, diversity is accepted to the showcase. Using screenwriting as a coping mechanism, showcases like these are much appreciated in the veteran community.
Arturo Javier Mireles - April 18, 2021

Great Opportunity
***** Military Story Showcase
Great opportunity and communication during such an odd time in our industry. Glad to be chosen and to be a part. Thanks for the acknowledgements!
Tommy Anderson - April 17, 2021

Top Notch
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
The First 10 Pages competition team are knowledgeable and passionate about the film industry and screenwriting. They run a very organized and fun competition and their communications with, and support for, participants is top notch. They definitely earn and deserve five stars across the board!
Michael Hogan - December 5, 2020

Overall Good
**** Military Story Showcase
Overall a good contest. I would try it again in the future.
Patrick Gillespie - November 3, 2020

***** True Story Showcase
True Story were fantastic at facilitating my screenplay Modern Art as a finalist and communicating well in spite of all that was going on at the time! They are very selective so was a great honor to be a part of the competition this year!
Laurence Fuller - October 1, 2020

Professional, Communicative, Helpful
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Professional, communicative, helpful, keep their word, and listed on IMDb. What more do you want in a screenplay contest.
Lawrence Whitener - September 22, 2020 

***** Diversity Showcase
It's great to participate in a film festival that emphasizes diversity.
Marcia McNair - September 10, 2020 

Should Have Known Better
** Diversity Showcase
I guess I should've known better, they truly did the exact bare minimum described in the prizes section. My biggest takeaway is how stupid I am for not making my own script contest, slapping diversity or some other buzzword on it, and marketing it all over the online writing community. I bet I could make some killer cash and I wouldn't really even have to read any of the scripts or contact any of the outsiders/losers naive enough to spend money on small time showcases like this.
Sai Saripella - August 25, 2020

Dear Sai,

I am sorry to learn you feel you had a negative experience being named a winner and official selection in the Diversity Film & Script Showcase. I welcome critical feedback that allows us to address specific concerns writers and filmmakers may have with the competition so we may continue to improve everyone's experience.

It's surprising to receive a 2-star review for the single issue you state, which is that no one reached out to you personally about your placement in the showcase, especially since you did not raise that concern when one of our team members engaged with you privately. Every entrant who submits through Film freeway is notified about placement through the Film Freeway platform, and also receives ongoing communication directly from Ink & Cinema (unless they choose to opt-out).

While I sense your frustration about disreputable competitions that may exist, the accusations in your review have no connection to the Diversity Film & Script Showcase. Ink & Cinema, along with providing free resources for writers & filmmakers, organizes legitimate niche competitions to showcase scripts and films that may not otherwise receive recognition. The showcase is going into its 5th year and, like the other competitions we sponsor, receives many positive reviews from submitters.

Many writers value including their winner or official selection laurel when pitching their scripts to producers, executives and managers - specifically because of the fact that we run "small showcases" that focus on niche stories and genres. While we do not provide the cache of a "big-name competition" placement, our showcases do provide the benefit of being identified as one of the best-of-the-best within a specific niche (identifying the best diversity scripts out of exclusively diversity script submissions lends validity to the recognition).

We honor every item stated in the entry form. Rest-assured all scripts are read, and every film is viewed. The competition is not marketed anywhere, and certainly not "all over the online writing community" (the opportunity to submit is offered exclusively to the Ink & Cinema community, and we list the competition only on Film Freeway and our website).

I have reached out to you personally should you wish to discuss this further, and to discover what your specific expectations of the competition are and if I may be able to assist you.

- Ink & Cinema 

Appreciate the Festival's Efforts to Create Opportunities
***** Diversity Showcase
I am truly thrilled that my dramedy pilot, Rhythm & Brew, was chosen as a 2020 Official Selection and I sincerely appreciate the festival's ongoing efforts to create opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard and a wider range of stories to be told. Viewers want variety and the work of professional industry organizations, like the Diversity Film & Script Showcase, is exactly the type of tireless dedication needed to ensure screenwriters from all walks of life have an opportunity to share their creativity and love for the craft with the world.
Nicole Chrysostom-Murray - August 24, 2020

Wonderful Festival
***** Diversity Showcase
Such a wonderful festival! The mix of film and screenplays was a clever combination! Appreciate the effort that went into judging and recognizing so many diverse writers!
Ramona Taylor - August 23, 2020

Really Happy
***** True Story Showcase
Really happy that my script won this festival, obviously. It would be great if there was more to winning, however. Such as agent or manager meetings, etc.
Thomas Cummings - August 12, 2020

***** True Story Showcase
I was very happy that my script Duchess County made it as an Official Selection. Thrilled to take part in this competition and earn this kudo.
Michael De Sapio - July 28, 2020

A Huge Boost
***** The Crime List
Thank you The Crime List, for choosing Celtic Knot (A Clara Swift Tale) as winner of the 2020 Book Award. This is a huge boost for the novel and a great step toward its adaptation. I’m thrilled to be showcasing this honor when promoting the series.
Ann Shortell - July 23, 2020

Top Notch
***** True Story Showcase
This is a top notch competition.
Paul Gordon - July 17, 2020

Well Organized & Responsive
***** True Story Showcase
Very well organized event. Very responsive to emails. I loved how they include the logline of the winning scripts.
John McCarney - July 15, 2020 

Will Resubmit in the Future
***** The Crime List
I am honored that Crime List voted my feature length screenplay the best feature for 2020. I will resubmit in the future!
Dusan Zaric - June 23, 2020

Honored & Flattered
***** The Crime List
I am honored that my screen play, The Unjust, placed first in the most recent competition. I was also flattered by the writer bio that was included in the winner's announcement. I look forward to entering future projects in this competition.
Scott Cahill - June 22, 2020

Insightful & Rewarding
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
This contest caused us to re-evaluate our opening scene, which proved to be insightful and rewarding. We were humbled to win, and we would most certainly enter again.
Eric Mayne - May 11, 2020

Highest Accolades
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
The First 10 Pages competition has always been a great experience for me. Three years ago, I was among the winners for the pilot The Exchange and this year for an animated screenplay. Now my manager is making contact with different production companies and distributors, and being among the winners of this competition has made the process easier. For me this contest is really important because I want the audience of my films to enjoy the ride. To achieve that, I know it’s up to me as the writer to establish that emotional investment. Doing so at the beginning of a screenplay is crucial. This is the reason why I know the value of this contest and continue to participate in it. I thank all the organizers of this festival and give them my highest accolades.
Juliette Garrigues - April 29, 2020

I Was Pleased
***** Military Story Showcase
Thanks for the honorable mention for Angelina's Feather. I was pleased with everything.
Stuart Schulz - March 26, 2020

Prompt Communications
***** Military Story Showcase
Prompt communications! Followed their set event dates - that's a big one! Was an honor to take part.
Donnie Dodge - March 25, 2020

Showcase Supports Many Military Artists
***** Military Story Showcase
It was an honor to be a part of this festival and to be a winner has allowed me to showcase Battle Cries in a whole new light. I am quite happy that the Military Script Showcase supports so many military artists in this way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Karen Walker - March 24, 2020

This was a Special Competition
***** Military Story Showcase
This was a special competition for me. Not only was my screenplay Human Terrain picked up as one of the winning scripts, another of my scripts Camouflage was picked as a finalist. Communication with the showcase was easy and quickly answered. While there was no pretense of awards, the recognition of both scripts was very much appreciated.
Christopher Willis - March 23, 2020

No Feedback Notes Provided
*** Adapted Story Showcase
Thanks for the finalist recognition to show that I wrote a halfway decent screenplay. I'm not sure what value this is though. Laura's great but they don't have a lot of staff or production credits. There was no feedback provided. No cash prize is awarded.
Mark Hedges - October 4, 2019

Thank you for your feedback, Mark. We are always looking for ways to improve the competition experience for participants. There are many ways screenwriters may judge the value of a competition, depending on their personal goals.

In previous years, the Adapted Screenplay Competition has offered cash prizes as well as feedback. What we've discovered is that most of the screenwriters who enter our competition want to get their scripts optioned and produced and, therefore, they value having their scripts named a Winner or Official Selection because the recognition is beneficial when pitching their screenplays to potential producers, production companies and managers.

Of course, writer's goals vary and some may be looking to earn cash through competitions or feedback to improve the quality of their script. With so many screenwriting competitions to consider, writers have the opportunity to select those that are the right fit for their personal goals.

Congratulations on your script being named an Official Selection! We wish you all the best with your screenwriting endeavors.

- Ink & Cinema

A Great Opportunity
***** Diversity Showcase
A great opportunity to showcase Battle Cries with the world. I am proud to be chosen as a winner. Diversity comes in all spectrums and I believe they captured a beautiful lens this year.
Karen Walker - October 2, 2019 

Nice Springboard
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Glad to have my screenplay selected by this competition. Nice springboard! Excellent communication and a fine website for future publicity.
Margaret Young - September 21, 2019

Thank You
***** Diversity Showcase
I thank the organizers for selecting my film.
Mela Ram Sharma - August 24, 2019

Love It
***** Diversity Showcase
I love the focus and feel of this festival.
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel - August 22, 2019 

Great Experience
***** True Story Showcase
Great experience, see you next time!
Michael Williams - July 23, 2019

***** The Crime List
I was soooo happy to be selected! I'm still wishing and hoping for an agent.
Mark Donnell - July 22, 2019

Truly Exciting Competition
***** True Story Showcase
This was a truly exciting competition and I was thrilled to be selected. I look forward to seeing the Night Witches become a movie!
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel - July 22, 2019

Very Professional
***** The Crime List
Very professional. Timely communication. I will definitely enter this competition again.
Harold L. Brown - July 21, 2019

**** First 10 Pages Showcase
This is the first time I submitted to First 10 Pages and was selected which was a thrill, I am very humbled. I will most definitely submit another concept of mine to this festival.
Karen Matthews - April 22, 2019

**** True Story Showcase
A great experience and wonderful chance to work with this team!
Darren Sampson - April 11, 2019

***** Military Story Showcase
Thrilled to have Military Script Showcase honor my script, A Good Marine, as an Official Selection for 2019. Thank you.
Tracey Thompson - March 28, 2019

You Guys Are Awesome
***** Military Story Showcase
It was such an honor to be named a finalist for my true life military story, The New Wine. Here's to one day seeing it on the big screen. You guys are awesome!
Matt Pinard - March 22, 2019

***** Adapted Story Showcase
All contact was excellent.
Michael Williams - October 14, 2018

***** Adapted Story Showcase
I'm thrilled my Adapted Screenplay is an Official Selection with this competition! Being listed on their website is an added bonus and made my agent very happy!
Kim Hornsby - July 17, 2018

Thank You for Your Great Work
***** Diversity Showcase
Thank you all at Diversity Film & Script Showcase for your great work in reviewing so many excellent screenplays - and for your deliberations in having to choose between them! Much appreciation for recognizing Desposyni as an Official Selection in your 2018 competition! I am honored by the acceptance of my work into your very prestigious showcase. Peace & Joy
Jean Galliano - June 19, 2018

Would Definitely Enter Again
**** First 10 Pages Showcase
Very nice experience. Would definitely enter again.
Robert Rossi - June 18, 2018

It Was a Pleasure
***** Military Story Showcase
It is our pleasure to have been a part of this competition. Our first grand prize win. Hopefully this historic story will be told.
Michael Daluz - March 24, 2018 

Very Professional
***** Military Story Showcase
Very professional... Just like our military.
Lawrence Whitener - March 19, 2018

Very Responsive
***** Military Story Showcase
Very responsive. I liked how they posted a bio with my script.
John McCarney - February 21, 2018 

I'm Happy
***** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
Thank you for the opportunity to participate! Our film won and I'm happy!
Katerina Balabay - February 20, 2018

Opportunity To Be Recognized
***** Adapted Story Showcase
This festival provided the opportunity for one of my adapted screenplays to be recognized.
Mark Daniels - August 2, 2017

Highly Recommended
***** True Story Showcase
Everything relevant to me was outstanding. This competition is highly recommended.
Robert Drusetta - July 24, 2017

** True Story Showcase
Just wondering, who won. Thanks.
Robert J Rogers - July 22, 2017

Hi Robert, our records show that you chose to opt-out of receiving any announcements or communication about the competition. Winners were posted on the competition website on July 5, and were announced on our Facebook page on July 14. Additionally, emails were sent on July 14 to everyone who submitted a script. Also, all Film Freeway entrants received an email notification via the Film Freeway platform more than two weeks ago with a link to the winners and recognition laurel. I invite you to contact us directly should you have any additional questions or require further assistance. - Ink & Cinema

Positive Experience
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Overall this was a great festival and I'm glad to have been a part of it. However I would have preferred to have had producer notes like they did last year. Other than that it was a positive experience.
Stephen Boncella - July 8, 2017

Very Important
***** Diversity Showcase
Thank you Diversity Film & Script Showcase for recognizing my feature screenplay, Halfway Home, a winner. Elevating diversity in the film world is very important, and the promotion provided is greatly valued.
David J Schroeder - June 21, 2017

Highly Recommend
***** Diversity Showcase
Very Professional. I highly recommend this contest.
Clint Pearson - June 20, 2017

I Was Pleased
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
I think the concept of this competition is great. Many readers toss a script if the first ten pages don't do anything for them, hence the importance of this competition. I was pleased that two of my scripts were prize winners.
Paul Mahoney - May 25, 2017

I Will Definitely Submit Again
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Thank you so much for giving me that win! It is always great when others recognize your hard work and it is so appreciated! I will definitely submit again!
Jerry Sampson - May 24, 2017

This is My Third Ink & Cinema Contest
**** First 10 Pages Showcase
This is my third Ink & Cinema contest and I've been satisfied with them to date. This particular contest is among the few that offer cash rewards to the winner.
Dan Fitzgerald - May 23, 2017

Great Concept
***** First 10 Pages Showcase
Great concept for a script, the point being to try and grab the reader in the first 10 pages as that's what most interested parties want to see. I got to the finals with my last 3 scripts. Would definitely do it again.
Guy Quigley - May 21, 2017

Thanks for Showcasing Military Stories
***** Military Story Showcase
Thanks for showcasing military stuff. Honored to have been a part of it.
Vincent Masson - March 28, 2017

Check It Out
***** Military Story Showcase
Very professional and would advise anyone to check it out.
Theodore Carl Soderberg - March 27, 2017

Good Job
***** Military Story Showcase
It is tough to get two plays in the finals and not win. Congrats to the winners. Good job!
Robert J Rogers - March 18, 2017

Prompt Replies
**** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
This was my first screenplay festival and I received prompt replies to all my questions.
Elizabeth Hinnant - January 30, 2017

Grateful For the Opportunity
***** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
I submitted my first screenplay script to Women's Film & Script Showcase. I have never been to film school and I am a self taught upcoming writer. I am grateful that this contest gave me an opportunity to have my script in their showcase. Their communication was excellent about notifying who the winners and official selections are. Overall rating is excellent. Look forward to submitting more of my work to them.
Tikisha Oliver - January 27, 2017

Good Communication
***** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
Thanks so much for showcasing my film on your website. I enjoyed reading about the other films. The notifications were on time and communication was good, which I appreciated.
Jordan Mohr - January 22, 2017

***** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
Women's Film & Script Showcase was a worthwhile contest to submit the first episode of my television script, Red Dirt Woman series. The winner's laurel was an ego booster, shared on social media. I'm encouraged to finish the second episode and will submit it to their next contest.
Sandy Brown - January 21, 2017

***** Women's Film & Script Showcase (incorporated into Diversity Showcase)
This is a good list to be on. The organizers have been selective, gathering high quality scripts and writers with impressive credentials. I’d also give the site marks for value. And while my contact with the organizers was limited to emails, I received swift, professional replies.
Michael Vincent Montgomery - January 17, 2017

Fair & Honest
***** The Pitch List
Great. Very happy with the result of my submission this year. I've submitted before and got some great feedback from them. I would say they are friendly, enthusiastic, fair and honest. I'll definitely be submitting more material in the future.
Simon Wilkinson - October 27, 2016

Quality & Professionalism
**** The Pitch List
My television pilot The Fourth Wall was named an Official Selection. This is the second contest that I've entered with them, and I've been happy with their level of professionalism and with the quality of feedback in both instances.
Dan Fitzgerald - October 25, 2016

Prompt & Communicative
*** First 10 Pages Showcase
First time entering. Was fortunate to have two scripts make the finals. The contest made their notification dates promptly and were communicative with entrants.
Brian W. Smith - July 30, 2016

Great Feedback - Best Run Competition
***** Adapted Story Showcase
Thank you very much for the feedback. I am obviously disappointed not to have made the final, but pleased to have made it this far. I was impressed by your competition. I have entered quite a few but found yours to be the best run with the best feedback arrangements.
Stephen Potts - October 24, 2015