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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Submission Format

Do I need to include a title page with my submission?
Yes. A title page is required.

What information do I need to include on the title page?
The title page MUST include:

  • Title of Story
  • Name of Writer(s)
  • Contact information is optional (and not required)
  • For adapted stories, also include: Based On [Title and Writer]
  • For true stories, also include: Based on [Name of Person or Event]

What format do you accept for submissions?
All entries must be submitted in PDF format. No exceptions.

Submitting Material

Do I have to include a Copyright or WGA registration number with my submission?
No, it is not required.

Do you accept international submissions?
Yes, we welcome international writers. All submissions must be in English.

Can I enter more than one story in a showcase?
Yes, multiple submissions are accepted. Each submission requires a separate entry.

Can I submit a story under a pen name?
Yes. If you use a pen name, be sure to include and indicate your pen name on the title page.

If I rewrite my story after entering the showcase can I submit my new draft?
Yes, new drafts of submitted stories can be uploaded via your Film Freeway account page (where you submit your story and pay the entry fee). Updated drafts are accepted at no cost through the final submission date.

Can I send a paper copy of my story to your mailing address?
No. We do not accept paper copies.

Payments & Refunds

Is there a way I can enter the showcase for free? Do you provide fee waivers for writers with financial hardships?
No, we do not offer fee waivers of any kind.

What if I change my mind about entering the showcase after making payment, can I receive a refund?
No, we do not offer refunds for any reason. No exceptions. Be sure to carefully read and verify your submission meets all criteria prior to entry.

Where does the money go for the entry fee?
Entry fees are used to pay professional readers, administrative expenses, delivery costs, and a cash award to the winners.

Ownership of Rights of Submitted Material

Does the entrant retain rights to the submitted story?
Yes, entrants retain all the rights to their works.

If I win, will I have to assign any rights to the story, or any percentage of sales or future profits?
Absolutely not. Entrants retain all the rights to their works. Neither Ink & Cinema nor its readers, judges or sponsors will attach themselves to your material as a condition of you being designated a winner, nor will we demand any percentage of any sales you make as a result of entering or winning a showcase.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Can anyone have access to the story once submitted?
No, submissions are only accessible to the assigned reader, judges, and our staff. Ink & Cinema owns no rights to the submitted material and will not distribute your story publicly publicly in any way.

How will you use my contact information?
Rest-assured, we will never sell or rent your contact information to anyone.

Selection & Judging Process

Who are your readers ?
All of our readers have significant experience and credentials in the industry. They have worked for production companies, studios, managers, publishers, agents, and talent.

How can you guarantee my submission will be reviewed and receive a fair chance?
Rest-assured all entries are carefully considered.

Can I talk with a reader or judge about my submission? Do you provide notes or feedback?
The showcases do NOT offer feedback or notes of any kind on individual submissions.

Announcements & Awards

When will I receive notification about my submissions placement in the showcase?
All entrants will receive notification of their placement in the showcase, with a link to the the announcement page via email once a winner has been selected (see "Winners Announced By" date on the specific showcase submission page).

When will I received my recognition laurel?
“Official Selection” and ‘Winner” laurels are distributed after judging is complete and winners have been announced. Winners receive a “Winner” laurel. Official Selections receive an “Official Selections” laurel. You will receive an email with a link to access and download the online laurel.

Adapted Material

What is the definition of an adapted story?
An adapted story is based on underlying source material. Underlying material could be a book, short story, film, television show, song, magazine article, news story, stage play or musical.

What types of underlying source material can be used to create the adapted story I plan to submit?
The showcase accepts adapted stories based on the following types of previously written source material:

  • Novel
  • Non-Fiction Book (Narrative or Other)
  • Short Story
  • Graphic Novel
  • News or Magazine Article
  • Stage Play or Musical
  • Song
  • Film or Television Show
  • Documentary
  • Podcast or Podcast Series

Can my adapted submission be based on material in the public domain?
Yes, we accept adapted stories based on material in the public domain, in which copyright protection has expired.

Can I submit an adapted story based on a book, article or play I wrote?
Yes, we accept submissions from writers who authored the underlying material and who, therefore, already control the rights.

Do I have to own or control the rights to the underlying source material my story is based on?
No, you do not need to own or control the rights to the underlying material, however, you must have permission from the copyright holder to adapt the material or the material must exist in the public domain.

Do I have to provide proof that I own or have permission to adapt the source material used for my adapted story submission?
No, you don't need to provide documentation. However, by submitting an adapted story, you confirm that you own the rights or have permission to adapt the material or that the material is in the public domain.

True Story Submissions

Can I submit a story to the True Story Showcase that is inspired by true events but not a completely true story?
Yes. The True Story Showcase accepts stories that are “based on a true story” or "inspired by true events".