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Article: 2021 Diversity Film & Script Showcase

2021 Diversity Film & Script Showcase - Image of Film Roll

2021 Diversity Film & Script Showcase

The Diversity Showcase recognizes stories in any genre that feature a creator, or a story about a lead character, from an under-represented community.



Written, Directed & Produced by Josh Tickell & Rebecca Tickell

Genre: Documentary

Logline: A manifesto for today's youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to revolutionize the political system

Bio: Josh Tickell is an author, film director and expert on sustainability. In 1997 Tickell captured global attention by driving a French Fry oil-powered “Veggie Van” across the United States and jumpstarting the biodiesel revolution. His journey culminated in 2008 with the release of his first feature film, FUEL. FUEL won the Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary, was shortlisted for an Oscar, was screened in the White House and was released theatrically globally. Tickell and his wife and directing partner, Rebecca Tickell have released a number of award-winning environmental films including, The Big Fix and PUMP, Good Fortune and The Earthing Movie. In 2017, Tickell published his book, Kiss the Ground, How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body and Ultimately Save the World. An Amazon Bestseller in four categories, Kiss the Ground details how the effects of climate change can be reversed through regenerating the worlds soils. After 7 years of work, 2020 is the perfect year to launch Kiss the Ground (the documentary) narrated by environmental activist and actor, Woody Harrelson. Josh’s most recent book, The Revolution Generation: How Millennials Can Save the World Before It’s Too Late, gives young people the tools they need to reshape political power, change the climate conversation and, to save Planet Earth’s ecosystems. The documentary of the same title is hosted and narrated by Michelle Rodriguez.

Bio: Rebecca Harrell Tickell was on the basement floor of a monastery, covered in buckets of goo while giving birth to a giant squid-like baby that was trying to eat her. At that moment, the actress knew she was ready for a career change. As a young girl, Rebecca had a lead role in the Christmas classic, Prancer, a film that had touched many people’s lives. Today, Rebecca Tickell is a director, producer, and environmental author and activist. She produced the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Audience award-winning, environmentally themed movie, FUEL, and co-directed/produced The Big Fix, an Official Selection of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Rebecca’s 2014 directorial debut (with husband Josh) was the critically acclaimed documentary, Pump, narrated by Jason Bateman. In 2016, Rebecca directed the John Paul DeJoria story, Good Fortune, as well as forthcoming documentaries Kiss the Ground, The Earthing Movie and The Revolution Generation with her husband Josh. After spending several years investigating and documenting the impact and root cause of the 2010 BP oil spill, Rebecca became ill and was left with permanent damage from exposure to the oil and dispersant in the atmosphere. Today, Rebecca and Josh live with their two children on a working ranch near Santa Barbara. They are committed to lives of optimal health for themselves, their children, and the planet.




Written, Directed & Produced by Deo Mwano

Genre: Documentary

Logline: A collection of stories inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “What is Your Life Blueprint?” 

Bio: Deo Mwano is a social-impact innovator whose work is focused on education, technology, business, community and individual development. His unique talents and experiences make him highly versatile and adaptable to working with different types of individuals and organizations. Deo earned his BA in International Relations and History and an MBA in Strategic Leadership. He has worked for the Federal Government/State Department, non-profits, educational institutions and tech startups- EdTech and IOT Security/Management. His honors include being named as an emerging leader to 40 Under 40 in New Hampshire in 2016 and being a graduating member of the Leadership New Hampshire Class of 2017. Working with organizations nationally and internationally, Deo is a sought-after speaker, program designer, community builder and performer. Today, Deo runs his own Consultancy Firm, Deo Mwano Consultancy offers multi-discipline services -- speaking, training, creating engaging empowerment content, leading workshops for businesses and nonprofits, and school integration performing and visual arts to ignite audience participation and ownership. A gifted performer and presenter, Deo connects with others through dance and motivational speaking. His talents have been welcomed at Yale University, NHPR’s Word of Mouth, The Moth storytelling at GCIR annual event, TEDxAmoskeagMillyard, Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), Politics and Prose, which emphasized the importance of global and social awareness.




Written by Ernesto Jimenez

Genre: Drama | Comedy

Logline: After getting fired from his dead beat job, low-life Miguel Solano struggles to prove his worth to himself while attempting to move in with his cousins and grandparents in one of the inner cities of South LA.

Bio: Ernesto Jimenez is a 22 y/o student, writer, and part time construction worker. Writing mainly contemporary works focusing primarily on the Mexican and Chicano communities. Not only because he finds these communities not given the proper representation that they deserve, but also because he personally grew up in an inner-city Hispanic community in LA County and has witnessed an enormous amount of potential in drama and comedy that has yet to be captured properly from this unique point of view. Considering that he’s been writing sense he was 10, he wants to finally get into the writing world. Tired of the stereotypical everyday jobs that most people in his position find themselves at. He’d rather have a job involving the only thing that he genuinely loves to do.



Written by Terry Aderholt

Genre: Comedy

Logline: Unable to sleep, a young girl spends the night at her dad's house and keeps him awake all night.

Bio: Terry Aderholt is a gay indie filmmaker and this is his third project as writer/producer and second project as writer/producer/director. The film of this script is currently in post-production.

Instagram: @TheLongNightShortFilm


ACTING WHILE BLACK written & directed by Rokhaya Diallo, produced by Valerie Tubiana & Loic Bouchet

CELIBATE written by Sara Grace & Trevor O. Munson

DIVERSE CODE written by Erica Jacobs-Ware

ETHICAL NON-MONOGAMY written by Lulenoxx & Sara Kerr

FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW directed by Jeanette Miura & James Miura, written & produced by Jeanette Miura, James Miura & Anitra Smith

LUCHA & THE EKEKO: AN ADOPTION STORY written by Roger L. Edwards, Jr.

MARBACHUMENTARY directed & produced by Arturo Javier Mireles & Matthew Skinner

MARIA written & directed by Robert Burns, Produced by Robert Burns & Neil Anderson

NAVY MED written by Sharon C. Enujioke

NORTH BEYOND EAST written by Alex Farhandi

OUR WAY written by Joe Nieves

OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE written by Ivy Vale & Rick Reil

RETURN POLICY written by Joshua W. Dowdy

SASS AND TRAZ SAVE THE LIBRARY written by Michelle Worthington

T.W.I.N. written by Malaika Langa

TAKEN FROM WITHIN written by Michael Casey

TAL JONES: A BLACK OIL LEGACY written by Pamela J. Richardson (with story by Bernard Moore)

THE FACELESS written by Adlinna Liang

THE MAGICAL POWERS OF PROF written by Michael Wayne Wojcik

THE NEAR DISTANCE written by R.J. Matthew

THE PERFECT SEASON written by Cindy Hooper

THE STRESS HAT written by Rubina Mian & Omar Mian

TO BELONG directed by Nacho Trujillo, Sofia Nicolini Llosa & Julieta Maccarino, written & produced by Nacho Trujillo

TREASURE written by Kenneth Irby & Stephanie Santos

WEATHERED written by Tatsuya Suzuki


Writer/Filmmaker Gender
Male: 51%
Female: 48.75%
Unspecified: 0.25%

Drama: 38.4%
Comedy: 25.6%
Documentary: 14.2%
Thriller/Mystery/Crime: 12.3%
Action/Adventure: 5%
Family: 2%
Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 2%
Musical: 0.5%

Submission Location
United States: 81.2%
Europe: 9.25%
South America: 7%
Australia: 2.3%
Unspecified: 0.25%

Television Script or Short Script: 40.6%
Feature Screenplay: 37.5%
Feature Film: 15.6%
Short Film or Web Episode: 6.3%