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Article: 2023 Adapted Story Showcase

2023 Adapted Story Showcase - Image of vintage typewriter

2023 Adapted Story Showcase

The Adapted Story Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories, & stage plays in any genre that feature an adapted story.



written by Thomas Maggiore

Based on the book "The Red Planet" by R. R. Winterbotham

Six space travelers struggle to coexist with one another on their journey to Mars after learning the leader of the expedition has plans to return to Earth alone - but upon reaching their destination, the group is forced to unite against an attacking band of hostile Martians intent on killing the crew.


A SIREN'S SWEET WHISPER by Fred G. Stemme (based on the book "The Lieutenant's Whistle" by Fred Stemme). Can a World War I romance between ambulance driver Hank Braddock and nurse Kyla Laurens survive a phobia-induced regression resulting in severe memory loss? |

A TWISTED CHRISTMAS CAROL by Phil Olson (based on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens). A spoof of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," set in a little bar in west Texas. | |

ASH by Dave Stockwell (based on the nonfiction book "Route 9 Problem: The Battle for Lang Vei" by Dave Stockwell). A Special Forces medic, Eugene "Ash" Ashley, Jr., forced under fire during the Vietnam War, must attempt to rescue fellow Green Berets trapped by enemy tanks, becoming the first African American awarded the Medal of Honor in Special Forces history. | | Facebook 

BETSY AND THE EMPEROR by Staton Rabin (based on the book "Betsy and the Emperor" by Staton Rabin). A rebellious teenage English girl befriends the most feared man on earth - Napoleon Bonaparte - while he's being held prisoner by the British on the remote island of St. Helena, grows to love him, and risks her life on a dangerous scheme to help him escape. | Script Packet | ISA Profile: | | | Twitter: @StatonRabin 

BREAKNECK RIDGE by Thomas N. Smith (based on the book "Pursuit of Paradise: The Story of an East Texas Farm Boy, The Pacific War, and Love" by Thomas N. Smith). A young East Texas sharecropper leaves the farm, goes to WWII, battles his way through the deadly jungles of the Pacific, and returns to the farm wanting only to marry his sweetheart. (The story of Horace G "Red" Smith and his experiences during the War in the Pacific from 1941-1945.) | Facebook: @TomSmithPursuitOfParadise 

CAMOUFLAGED SISTERS (Pilot) by Lydia Genner (based on the "Camouflaged Sisters" nonfiction anthology book series by Lila Holley). Five military women tap into the power of sisterhood while maneuvering through the challenges of their military careers and life outside the uniform. |

DEAD SOUTH (Pilot) by Scott J. Thompson & Douglas Dell (based on the book "Deep and Dirty" by Douglas Dell). After ditching a long career in investigative journalism, Robert Winchester flees to the Deep South where he uncovers the massive drug- trafficking ring that incited a string of ritualistic murders.

FEED THE BRUTE by Corsica Wilson (based on "The Old Man & The Sea" by Ernest Hemingway). Struggling to survive on the Oregon Trail, one woman ambitiously hunts down a bison single-handedly to prove her worth to the caravan.

GROWING UP IN PALM SPRINGS by Maddy Lederman (based on "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov). A young man struggling in the shadow of his mother, a Hollywood actress, is devastated when his girlfriend runs off with his mother’s latest boyfriend. The mother and son are left bitterly estranged, but the death of a beloved uncle forces them together. 

HOBEY by Tom Mackie (based on "The Legend of Hobey Baker" by John D. Davies). In the early 20th Century, before Babe Ruth and Red Grange, an undersized, multi-sport athlete becomes America’s first Superstar, a WWI hero who carries himself with such gallantry and grace that no one sees the internal conflict that drives him to unforeseen heights. | IMDb: name/nm14641055 

IN HYDING by Carlos Perez (based on the book "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson). Dr. Jekyll creates a formula that will enable him to become who he believes he was always born to be. | IMDb: name/nm2952588 | Off The Wall Plays: Listing

JUST THE SIX OF US (Pilot) by Jimmy Sanders (based on the Warner Bros. series “Just the Ten of Us” created by Dan Guntzelman & Steve Marshall). The Lubbock sisters, suddenly reunited, try to create a better future for themselves by reconnecting with their past. | | | Instagram: @the_lost_episodes 

LEGEND by Brendan C. Elrick (based on "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson). In a dystopian future where a virus has turned the population into violent vampires, a lone survivor struggles with her refracted mental state while recalling the events leading up to the end of her once-idyllic world. 

MAGIC TREE HOUSE (Pilot) by Patrick McDaniels (based on "The Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark" by Mary Pope Osborn). After stumbling upon a mysterious tree house in the woods, practical bookworm Jack Smith and his imaginative, younger sister Annie are suddenly transported to the age of dinosaurs and must work together to get home. | Website: 

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS DREAM by Aisha Jackson & Shar Jackson (based on the movie "Once Upon a Christmas Dream" by Wayne Roberts & Christopher L. Antie). Two children's lives are forever changed after a magical encounter on Christmas Eve.

ONLY APPARENTLY REAL by Michael Judd Richter (based on "Only Apparently Real" by Paul Williams). Philip K. Dick investigates a break-in at his house. Before it actually happens. (Inspired by Philip K. Dick.)

PARNASSUS ON WHEELS by Jessica Ims (based on the novella “Parnassus on Wheels” by Christopher Morley). Rural New York State, 1910. A practical middle-aged spinster is persuaded to purchase a horse-drawn traveling bookstore, and is propelled into a storybook adventure and road-trip romance with the traveling bookstore’s eccentric former owner. 

PINOCHLE by Becca Stallard (based on the book "And the Birds Are Singing" by Rebecca Stallard). In the card game they love, the shrewdest bidder wins; in the game of life, a deadly family secret holds all the cards. | | Facebook: @Rebecca.Stallard.1 | Twitter: @RebeccaThePoet2 | Instagram: @RebeccaThePoet | IMDb: name/nm9931264

THE GHOSTS OF GORESTHORPE GRANGE by Anthony A. Labriola (based on the short story "Selecting a Ghost" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). Silas & Matilda D'Odd are an eccentric newlywed couple in search of the supernatural. When they purchase a manor devoid of spirits, they hire a "Professional" to liven up the place.

THE MERRYTIME MATCHMAKER by Courtney Walsh & Ashley Bratcher (based on the novel "A Match Made at Christmas" by Courtney Walsh). A world traveling bachelor receives a desperate plea to come home for the holidays and gets more than the Christmas gift he bargained for. He must take over as the quaint surf town's infamous matchmaker to make a match before Christmas. | 

THE MUMTAZ CHRONICLES by Jameel Anne Johnson (based on the writings of Emperor Akbar I, "Akbarnama" by Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak and "Jahagirnama" by Jahangir). Powerful women secluded in a royal harem must work together to manage the dysfunctional relationship between a prince and his father, the domineering emperor. | | Facebook | Twitter: @MumtazJameel

THE SUN ALSO RISES by Phillip E. Hardy (based on the book "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway). Two hedonistic writers, a bankrupt aristocrat, and a preeminent bullfighter compete for the affection of an exquisite woman incapable of sustaining a committed relationship while leaving physical and emotional casualties in her wake. | Facebook: @Phillip.E.Hardy.9 | Stage32 Profile: | LinkedIn: @Phillip-Hardy-980913a1  


Writer Gender
Male: 61%
Female: 39%

Comedy: 16%
Romance: 15%
Drama: 14%
War/Military: 12%
Fantasy & Science Fiction: 9%
Action/Adventure: 8%
Crime/Mystery/Thriller: 7.5%
Horror: 6%
Historical: 5.5%
Sports: 4%
Westerns: 2%
Musicals: 1%

Submission Location
United States: 96%
Other or Not Specified: 4%

Feature Screenplay, Television Script or Short Script: 76%
Stage Play: 16%
Book, Manuscript or Short Story: 8%