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Article: 2022 First 10 Pages Showcase

2022 First 10 Pages Showcase - Image of retro typewriter

2022 First 10 Pages Showcase

The First 10 Pages Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories & stage plays in any genre that set up an exciting and compelling story capable of "hooking" a reader within the first 10 pages.



by Carole Ann DePree

A young Englishman follows in his father's footsteps to become a notorious highwayman.


CLOSE SHAVE by Phillip Russell (story by James Russell) The Volosy family business of cutting people's hair in the back of moving vehicles goes back for generations, but is now on the brink of bankruptcy. Tyler hopes that he and his son James can turn things around, but James doesn't want anything to do with the dangerous job. | 

COOKE CITY by Stuart Heimdal To protect his family, a distraught father must track and kill a ravenous bear.

EGOR AND SAUL by Melissa Shevela A prisoner struggling to forgive himself seeks guidance from two men, one from love and one from fear, but he finds choosing love is more difficult than he imagined. | Instagram: @melissashevela

FAILURE TO ADAPT by Yerania Del Orbe A hardworking young woman leaves her abusive home to enlist in the Army just before 9/11 changes the global landscape, but she can't escape the grinding abuse she experiences within the ranks of the military. |

MICHELANGELO: A LIFE IN THE STONE by Andrea Nocchetti Fifteen year-old Michelangelo enrolls in the most prestigious Academy of Florence where his dream of becoming the best sculptor of his generation is mentored by a perfectionist teacher who will stop at nothing to turn him into the new Donatello.

NIGHT HEAT by Henry Myers Suffering from the pain of a broken marriage and dead-end job driving a beer delivery truck, a Vietnam veteran opens an after-hours club hoping to reclaim his life, only to find the harsh reality of the nightlife threatens to destroy it. | Article About the Writer

QUEEN OF HEARTS by Kathleen Welton A rescued race horse and the first woman to enter an equestrian event in the Olympics form an unbreakable bond and win two silver medals in individual dressage in the 1950s. Based on the true story of Jubilee, the family mare and Lis Hartel, paralyzed by polio from the knees down. |

SECOND CHANCES by Kara M. Canton Are second chances man made or God given? Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mira Weston is about to find out.

SECRETS OF THE FARM BY Melanie Fernelius After the sudden death of his father, Adam Miller inherits the family farm. As its dark secrets are revealed, he must confront a horror that could ruin his family forever.

SHADOW by Karen Matthews A team of four highly trained agents working for a privately owned and run organization, use their bomb disarming, undercover, interrogation and computer skills to save people. If you're in trouble, this is the team you want on your side.

TALES FROM THE SHENANDOAH by Rick Helin America's largest dirigible crashes in 1925 during an effort to divert public attention away from the U.S. Navy's failed non-stop flight from San Francisco to Hawaii. |

THE LAST DON by Anthony Moore With the launch of the Earth resettlement project imminent, the Don of the planet's largest global corporation and chief contributor to the enterprise must find out who is murdering his generals before he himself becomes the final target.

UNCHAINED MELODEE by Carl Burcham Pursued by her cold-blooded overseer in the dystopian Great States of America, where minorities and non-Evangelicals are enslaved or worse, a clever runaway slave hides out in an unconventional traveling circus on a dangerous journey to rescue and avenge her family.


Writer Gender
Male: 51%
Female: 49%

Thriller: 26%
Drama: 24%
Science Fiction & Fantasy: 18%
Comedy: 14%
Action/Adventure: 12%
Horror: 6%

Submission Location
United States: 81%
Europe: 12%
Australia: 5%
Other or Not Specified: 2%

Feature Screenplay, Television Script or Short Script: 93%
Book, Manuscript or Short Story: 6%
Stage Play: 1%