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Article: 2022 Diversity Showcase

2022 Diversity Showcase - Image of Vintage Typewriter

2022 Diversity Showcase

The Diversity Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories, & stage plays in any genre that feature a Writer or a story about a Lead Character from an under-represented community.



written by David J. Ibrahim

Booker T. Washington serves as president of Tuskegee Institute and founds the National Negro Business League. 


A FREE MAN by John H. Richo. In pursuit of freedom for his children and himself, a prized slave cook is forced to make heart-wrenching choices by his master, the President of the United States.

A SCENT OF LILAC by Frances G. McCoy. Mabel Flanigan is headed for college until an argument with her girlfriend lands her in a mental institution to undergo ECT therapy.

AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE? by Kandis Heckler. When a group of diverse and eclectic social workers with more dysfunction than the Homeless they serve, line up for services at a faith based agency they unwillingly work through their own prejudice, privilege and guilt. | 

ASH by Dave Stockwell (based on the nonfiction book "Route 9 Problem: The Battle for Lang Vei" by Dave Stockwell). A Special Forces medic, forced under fire during the Vietnam War, must attempt to rescue fellow Green Berets trapped by enemy tanks, becoming the first African American awarded the Medal of Honor in Special Forces history. |

AT THE MERCY OF FAITH (Horror Version) by Samuel Lee Taylor. A 14 year old preacher renounces his faith in God in the wake of a terrifying and traumatic encounter. 18 years later, the sinister characters responsible for his madness, viciously returns to wreak havoc over his home, and to rip-out-his-soul for the god of their Hell.|

B IS FOR BISEXUAL (Diverse Love) by Laura P. Valtorta. A collection of short stories that highlights queer romance in rural America. |

BERMUDA by Jasmine Ogunjimi. In pursuit of self-liberation upon her newfound adulthood, a mid-20s Nigerian-American woman struggles to escape the control of loved ones by unraveling the sexual freedom she’s been seeking her entire life. |

BLACK JOCKEY: TALES OF A LEGEND by D'Jae Johnson. A drunken racing legend and an ill-tempered former track star team up to win their honor back.

CHECK OUT DINER by Eamonn Eeles. When Kevin receives a seemingly terminal diagnosis he seeks a hasty exit at the check out diner where only the promise of new love might change his mind.

DOCTOR DOSE by Erik Long. A savant with heightened observational skills and a gender transitioning hacker team up at their elite private school to diagnose and treat fellow students’ mental health issues. 

EPHEMERAL CHAOS by Kyle McCoy. Austin McGee might have it all: a gorgeous, doting girlfriend, a roaring social life in the big city, and a flashy film job. But her seemingly “perfect” life is upended on the night she gets admitted to the psych ward.

FULL CONTACT by Dave Kraft. When the NFLs' most feared linebacker is manipulated into shattering the career of his best friend with a bone-crushing controversial hit, he's forced to battle his own humanity and the blackmailing psychopath who set him up. 

GIN AND ORANGE BLOSSOM by David Kaneen. Four older women battle small town politics to locate the beneficiary of a deceased friend's insurance policy, preventing him from being given a pauper's burial. 

ICE CREAM FOR SALLY by Clive Morris. When a young white single mother attempts to convince an aging, acerbic, yet iconic black songstress to perform one last time so she can afford life-saving treatment for her terminally ill son, they both discover that what they need from each other is so much more than a performance at a ‘Comeback Concert’.

I'M ASIAN TOO! by Jason Ng. A girl of South Asian descent has to choose between being herself or fitting in with the Asian crowd after she transfers to a high school where almost all of her classmates are ethnically Chinese.

LOVE BITES by Kevin M. Glover. A novice vampire hunter is on the hunt for a dashing West Hollywood Count, but finds more at stake than he bargained for in this romantic gay comedy.

PACT ARCANUM by Arshad Ahsanuddin & Toby Osborne (based on the book series by Arshad Ahsanuddin). A mercenary with a psychic gift stumbles into a brewing war between humanity and a hidden society of supernatural beings.

THE FACELESS by Adlinna Liang. With a chance at true love and a new life in the balance, a white supremacist struggles to leave his old life behind when he's given a face transplant and becomes a man of color.

THE FORGOTTEN BOROUGH by Jeff Ingber (inspired by the book "When the Forgotten Borough Reigned: The 1964 Little League World Champions" by Jeff Ingber). During the tumultuous summer of ’64, three men of distinctly different backgrounds band together to lead a Staten Island Little League team. |

THE GREAT PANDEMIC: A MYSTERY, COMEDY, LOVE STORY by Craig Von Eister. A local theater group tries to determine their first production in a post-covid world. Will they choose a mystery or musical, a comedy or love story? Or will they realize that the best play - and the best world - is one where diverse and unique ideas come together.

THE HARVARD FIVE by Stampp Corbin. The story of five gay men from culturally disparate backgrounds who study, party, fight, and bond while dealing with the academic rigors of Harvard Business School.

THE ROAD TO BURGUNDY by Michael Le Blanc (based on the novel ""The Road to Burgundy" by Ray Walker). A hustling young African-American financial analyst risks his future and family to follow his passion for wine on a life-changing journey to France.

THE TRUE STORIES OF ATLANTIS AND BEYOND by Mya C. Taylor. In a war to repossess the world, African resistance groups use magic, voodoo, and mystical forces to fight against the homo erectus captors who took it from them.


Writer Gender
Male: 79%
Female: 20%
Other or Not Specified: 1% 

Drama: 28%
Comedy: 19%
Crime/Mystery: 12%
Romance: 11%
Historical: 9%
Horror/Supernatural: 8%
SciFi/Fantasy: 5%
War/Military: 4%
Thriller: 2%
Sports: 2%

Submission Location
United States: 71%
Other or Not Specified: 18%
UK/Europe: 5%
Australia: 4%
Africa: 2%

Feature Screenplay, Television Script or Short Script: 89%
Stage Play: 7%
Book, Manuscript or Short Story: 4%