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Article: 2022 The Crime List

2022 The Crime List - Image of sheet-covered body on the floor

2022 The Crime List

The Crime List recognizes scripts, books, short stories & stage plays in any genre that feature a crime story.



by Darren Oyenuga

A retelling of the tale of Lizzie Borden and the aftermath of the infamous murders.


A NEW YORK FAIRY TALE by Bill Lahey When a kleptomaniac steals a bucket of gold, it sets off a deadly chain reaction of violence and intrigue involving a vicious drug cartel, money launderers and the NYPD.

AT THE MERCY OF FAITH by Samuel Lee Taylor A 14 year old preacher renounces his faith in God in the wake of a terrifying and traumatic encounter. Eighteen years later, the psychopathic demons from his past, viciously returns to wreak havoc over his hand and to rip-out-his-soul for the god of their Hell. | 

BRINGING DOWN THE CARTEL by Chris Feistl In 1990s Colombia, elite DEA agents form an unlikely alliance with a skilled cartel operative and embark on a dangerous mission to take down the ruthless leaders of the biggest drug cartel in history. | Instagram: @TheChrisFeistl 

ELLA by Michael Dean When a Portland teen puts her trust into the wrong hands to escape a tumultuous home life, an estranged brother agrees to help her seek revenge against those who betrayed her. | Instagram: @mikewritesalot  

FINAL BLOW by Simon Iliopoulos A corrupt detective and the entire State Police Force are hell bent on capturing a charismatic rogue criminal but it's his defiance to stay alive and remain free that captures the hearts of a nation.

FUEL by Brian J. De Palma When a disillusioned former oil worker becomes the main suspect in an explosive attack on his ex-refinery, he must elude capture while uncovering a connection to the owner and the stock market.

HOPE IS NOT A BLACK & WHITE RAINBOW by Harold L. Brown An orphaned trustee manager, sent to a town to wrap up a sawmill owner's estate, deals with escalating crime and complicated race relations, and uncovers unimaginable secrets about his birth parents, as he begins to realize the lives of a community and displaced immigrants are dependent on him. | 

I WAS A BEATNIK VAMPIRE by Dusan Zaritch The faded horror film star is at odds with his producer son in 1958 Hollywood when a bag of drug money falls into his lap.

KILLING THE PAST by Alan R. Smith A disturbed woman, who was sexually and emotionally abused as a child, seeks revenge against her family to expel her inner torments. Her plan crystalizes when she dons a hidden persona, but becomes sidetracked when she falls in love with the detective investigating her murders.

LITTLE HAVANA by David Kaneen Four Cuban men and a woman, accused of robbery and double murder, are acquitted on a legal technicality. Violent retribution occurs when criminal elements converge, seeking the unrecovered loot.

MANO NERA (BLACK HAND) by Samantha Caprio-Negret & Richard Price Sorin (story by Philip J. Caprio) When his brother is killed, an Italian immigrant struggles with the decision to kill the man who called the hit: the head crime boss of Mano Nera (the Black Hand Society), who also happens to be his wife's brother. |  

NOISE ELECTRON ATTACK by Fujio Torikai A family is subjected to human rights violations and exposed to attacks using electrons and sounds.

SONORAN SUNRISE by Larry A. Henrikson A major-crimes squad of the Phoenix police confront a stealthy and successful crew of thieves in a series of high-risk heists. |  

SUGAR COATED COCAINE by Rafael Francis There's only one difference between a traitor and a snitch. Snitches get caught. | 

THE AUDITION by Eric W. Carlson An eccentric high school musical genius, on his way to a college audition, meets his paroled bank robbing father for the first time, then tries to get him to reveal where he hid the money.

THE CALF AND THE LADLE by Andrew Stone A convicted murderer falls in love with a deputy warden's wife, and they go on the run for ten years as she struggles to define their relationship and what love means.

THE ORIENTATION OF DYLAN WOODGER: A CENTRAL NEW YORK CRIME STORY by Chiuba Obele A college student with amnesia is on a quest to uncover his true identity after he is tortured by the Italian mafia for stealing millions of dollars that he can’t remember stealing.

THREE DAYS by Emilio Santin A private detective receives a visit from his ex-lover, who must find a missing ex-cop, or her ex-fiancé will die.

TIDES OF CHANGE by Seth Newton A white supremacist terrorizes Hampton Beach while hiding in plain sight.

UNIT FOUR by Lawrence Whitener Five different-ethnics FBI Agents are assigned to serial killings in a town with no police department. They call in their top Interrogator who calls in an amateur detective. No, it isn't very pretty what a town without pity can do. | IMDb 

WITHOUT INCIDENT by Aaron Michael Waisome An adolescent abducted by a pedophile escapes and plots revenge.


Writer Gender
Male: 94%
Female: 4%
Other or Not Specified: 2% 

Crime Sub-Genre
Crime-Drama: 46%
Thriller: 12%
True Crime 11%
Heist: 8%
Gangster: 8%
Action: 5.5%
Noir: 4.5%
Revenge: 3%
Horror/Supernatural: 2%

Submission Location
United States: 71%
Europe: 12%
Australia: 7%
Other or Not Specified: 4%
Canada: 3%
South America: 3%

Feature Screenplay, Television Script or Short Script: 89%
Book, Manuscript or Short Story: 7.5%
Stage Play: 3.5%