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Article: 2022 Adapted Story Showcase

2022 Adapted Story Showcase - Image of vintage typewriter

2022 Adapted Story Showcase

The Adapted Story Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories, & stage plays in any genre that feature an adapted story.



by Claire Phyphers

Based on the novel "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser

A working class man falls in love with a socialite, which leads to tragic consequences for his poor impregnated girlfriend.


AREN'T YOU THE FAMILY? by Angelise Milton (based on the book "Aren't You The Family We're Talking To From Heaven?" by SallyMae Jackson). A struggling family fights for a great inheritance against a bigamous crime, and with help from above, an unusual spiritual war is unleashed.

ASH by Dave Stockwell (based on the nonfiction book "Route 9 Problem: The Battle for Lang Vei" by Dave Stockwell). A Special Forces medic, forced under fire during the Vietnam War, must attempt to rescue fellow Green Berets trapped by enemy tanks, becoming the first African American awarded the Medal of Honor in Special Forces history. |

IMOGEN, DAUGHTER OF CYMBELINE by J. Aldric Gaudet (based on the play "Cymbeline" by William Shakespeare). A princess, falsely accused of infidelity and condemned to death, escapes disguised as a page and journeys across country to exonerate herself, unaware she is being pursued by her loathsome step-brother who plans to rape her and kill her husband. |

LOVE OR BEST OFFER by Phil Olson (based on the short story "Love or Best Offer" by Phil Olson). A romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations, mostly trials, of online dating among the "over 50" generation. |

MANO NERA (BLACK HAND) by Samantha Caprio-Negret & Richard Price Sorin, story by Philip J. Caprio (based on the book "Murders in Monmouth: Capital Crimes from the Jersey Shore's Past - Chapter 6 "Revenge of the Farinella Brothers" by George Joynson). When his brother is killed, an Italian immigrant struggles with the decision to kill the man who called the hit: the head crime boss of the Black Hand Society, who also happens to be his wife's brother. |

NONE by Bryan J. Ferguson (based on the novel "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie). Ten strangers are invited to an island getaway under false pretenses, only to realize they are trapped after people begin to die.

PACT ARCANUM by Arshad Ahsanuddin & Toby Osborne (based on the book series by Arshad Ahsanuddin). A mercenary with a psychic gift stumbles into a brewing war between humanity and a hidden society of supernatural beings.

SNOWY STRANGEWAYS by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel (based on the book "Snowy Strangeways" by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel). Over-the-top New York City interior designer Snowy Strangeways returns to quaint Mystic, Connecticut where she solves her mom's murder and finds her place among the town's mysterious Gray Goddess community. |

THE FINAL DAYS OF DOGGERLAND by Mike Meier (based on the screenplay "The Final Days of Doggerland" by Mike Meier). A young woman in hunter-gatherer times relies on her skills for crafting poisons to survive after being captured by a hostile tribe. |

THE LAST ACT by Jenn Whittaker (based on the nonfiction book "An Exhibit Denied: Lobbying the History of Enola Gay" by Dr. Martin Harwit). Lobbyists, veterans, and politicians square off with the Smithsonian for propaganda warfare over an exhibition slated for the 50th anniversary of WWII’s atomic end, which features the Enola Gay. |

THE SIEGE OF CITADEL BUTTERCUP by J.D. Murphy (inspired by the short story "Boule de Suif" by Guy de Maupassant). The Sacred, the Profane, and Side-splitting Hilarity re-unite Mother and Daughter.

UNDECIDED by Francesca Scotti-Goetz (based on the short story "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway). Three people decide whether or not to keep a pregnancy as they explore how the idea of "motherhood" elicits questions around identity, relationships, and their futures. 


Writer Gender
Female: 53%
Male: 47%

Drama: 29%
Crime/Mystery/Thriller: 17%
Comedy: 15%
Historical: 13%
SciFi/Fantasy: 9%
War/Military: 8%
Family: 6%

Submission Location
United States: 88%
Canada: 8%
Europe: 4%

Feature Screenplay, Television Script or Short Script: 81%
Book, Manuscript or Short Story: 12%
Stage Play: 7%