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Article: 2021 The Crime List

2021 The Crime List - Image of sheet-covered body on the floor

2021 The Crime List

The Crime List recognizes stories in any genre that feature a crime tale.



Directed & Produced by Randy Sparks
Written by Rod Long & Randy Sparks

Genre: Crime Noir | Dark Comedy

Logline: A self-destructive hit man must choose between love and the lure of a mysterious stranger.

Bio: Randy Sparks holds two college degrees: B.S. in Business and a MBA from City University of Seattle. Currently he resides in Tacoma, WA. His art background began at an early age. In 1968, at 10 he loved filming homemade movies, which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in. His proudest film of the time "The House of Blood" a 10 min super 8 flick. In 1971, he concentrated on writing plays, songs, poems and art. Years later his college Art Professor told him that he would do well in making a career in Art. He said Randy drew like Michelangelo. In 1975, Randy began four years of study in live theater involving plays, operas and variety shows. He would work closely with the companies' producers and directors particularly in areas involving lights and sound, acting, and set construction. From 1979-1996 he was busy going to college, raising two children and performing live music. It wasn't till 1997 that he got involved with digital photography and video. He spent the next 2 years as an assistant photographer for the Seattle Seahawks, working with team photographer Corky Truin and a year with comedian/fine art photographer Rod Long. In 2003, he begin filming promotional videos, music videos and concert videos. In 2007, he moved his energy towards creating his own pictures as a producer, director and co-writer. Film successes include: Tacoma Chalk Off; It Don't Rain on Sunny Days; A Glitch In the System; Tacoma's Rock-n-Roll Legends (79K views on Facebook) and his current film Rose Colored Shades.

Production Notes: “Rose Colored Shades” is the debut, feature-length film by Tacoma, Wash.-based filmmaker Randy Sparks. It stars Rod Long as Lucky Joe Ware, a down-on-his luck hit man who must choose between being tempted by a diabolical stranger and the love of a good woman and his ultimate salvation. Here is a breakdown of some of the work and drama that went on behind the scenes. Near-death experience: It’s not hyperbole when Sparks suggests the film was nearly the end of him. “Shades” took more than seven years to complete as he fought through a wide range of obstacles, not the least of which was a stroke he suffered a few months into production. Soon after, the 60-year-old director was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. “It just means a lot to me to get these things done,” Sparks says. “After having the stroke I’m thinking, ‘How much time do I have left?’ I want to get as much done as I can. I have some great ideas.” Long-distance relationship: Sparks wrote the film’s script with Long, a Seattle-based standup comedian who was thousands of miles away, performing on Caribbean cruise ships, during much of the process. “He would write a couple of pages and then send them to me by email,” Sparks recalls. “I would make changes, adjustments, and send ‘em back. Then we’d talk whenever he had phone reception.” The duo was able to complete the 94-page script in just three months, despite those inconvenient circumstances. Slick look on a tight budget. Sparks was able to complete “Rose Colored Shades” for less than $25,000 despite its million-dollar appearance. It was shot in more than 60 locations located around Washington’s scenic Puget Sound region. Four cast and crew members: John Markert, Dave Graham, Buck Ormsby and Teddy Haggarty passed away before the completion of Rose Colored Shades. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and this film is dedicated in loving memory to them. I dearly miss them, they were close friends. 

IMDb Profile: name/nm3512737



Written by Marisa Forrest

Genre: Thriller

Logline: A recovering addict must rescue her estranged son from an “orphanage,” which is actually a front for a sinister cult that turns children into murderous criminals.

Writer bio: Marisa Forrest is an LA transplant by way of Atlanta (after a brief stint in New York as a baby). She has Northeastern sophistication and Southern charm, and, after a few drinks, the accent to prove it. Marisa has immersed herself in the entertainment industry as a creator and consumer, voraciously watching films and television in both a historical and popular context. In her world, PARASITE and the “Housewives” peacefully coexist. After beginning her career as a development executive, Marisa recently had the epiphany that screenwriting is her true calling. She is extraordinarily proud that all five of her scripts (three features and two pilots) have been awarded in multiple competitions. Marisa is insatiably curious and adores informed decisions, great punchlines, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Instagram: @QuestForFunLA


ANY AND ALL  written by Wayne Geschwindt

BLACK HEART, RED HANDS written & directed by Russell Southam, produced by Russell Southam, Adam Spinks & Owen Elliott

CHARLOTTE TANNER written by Beth Armogida

GODFATHER CONNECTION written by a.j. Lombardi

HEADHUNTER written by Kent Sutton

NORTH BEACH NOIR written by Kip Pearson

OCEAN DRIFTERS written by T.J. Barkwill

REVENGE, INC directed & produced by Stephanie West, written by Dianna Craig

REVIEW written by Jonathan Zarantonello

ROGUES GALLERY written by Keith R. Higgons

SCAPEGOAT written by Richard Geiwitz

SCREE written by Paul Gordon

SERIAL written by Robert Benjamin

SNOWY STRANGEWAYS written by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

STILL'S LIFE written by Duncan B. Putney

THE DIRTY CHILDREN written by John Celona

THE IMPOSTURES written by Roi J. Tamkin

THE LAST GOODBYE written by Alex Surowitz

THE MOB ANGEL written by Mike C. McCarthy

THE SORROW VEIL written by Russ Lindway

WELL DRESSED LIE written, directed & produced by Raymond Williams

WISPER directed by Russ Emanuel, written by Howard Nash & Rod Cavin, produced by Howard Nash & Timothy Lee Conley


Writer/Filmmaker Gender
Male: 78%
Female: 21%
Unspecified: 1%

Original: 83%
Adapted: 17%

Stories Based on, or Inspired by, True Events

Crime Sub-Genre
Thriller: 37%
Noir/Neo-Noir: 24%
Mystery: 15%
Drama: 13%
Gangster: 4%
Procedural: 4%
Comedy: 3%

Submission Location
United States: 84%
Europe: 7%
Australia: 4%
Canada: 4%
Unspecified: 1%

Feature Film or Screenplay: 68%
Short Film or Television Script: 32%