2016 Short Script Showcase

The Short Script Showcase recognizes and showcases exceptional short screenplays in any genre.



by James Freeman

Genre: Historical Drama

Logline: To save the woman he loves, a disillusioned gangster from Calcutta must assassinate Gandhi on the eve of Indian Independence

Bio: James M. Freeman, who earned his doctorate at Harvard, is a retired anthropology professor and nonfiction writer whose book, “Hearts of Sorrow: Vietnamese-American Lives,” won a 1990 American Book Award. His first feature screenplay, “The Time of Killing,” about the life of a 1940s petty criminal in Kolkata, India, won the Runner-Up Award for Most Ambitious Script at the 2015 Action on Film International Film Festival. His short script, “Best Interests,” depicting an incident in a Vietnamese Boat People Detention Camp, won the March 2016 Monthly Award at the Wildsound First Scene and Short Film/Screenplay Festival and was a Semi-Finalist in the Action/Adventure category at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival.

His short screenplay, “The Interview,” co-written with his son, Karsten Freeman, is a forthcoming monthly winner at the Wildsound Feedback Film and Screenplay Festival. He was a Finalist in the 2016 First Ten Pages Screenplay Contest for “The Time of Killing” and Winner of a Maverick Award at the 2016 L.A. Neo Noir Film, Script and Short Story Festival for “Warrior For Peace,” a short story adapted from his screenplay “The Time of Killing.” Freeman produced, co-directed, and wrote the script for the documentary film, “The Myth of the Buddha’s Birthplace,” which has been screened in nine film festivals throughout the world and is distributed by Berkeley Media.

Contact: JimFreeman36@gmail.com


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