Q/A: Signing Release Forms When Submitting Your Script to a Producer or Production Company

Q: What is a release form, and do I need to sign it?

Thanks for your question.

If a production company, studio, or producer is interested in reading your script and you do not have a manager, they will often ask you to sign a release form, which protects them against claims of idea theft.

The release form states that you own the material and have the right to sell it. It also states that in the event the company releases a film with a similar premise, you don’t have the right to sue them.

If you choose not to sign the release form, the company will most likely choose not to read your script.

Release forms are a standard industry necessity.

If the producer, studio, or production company requesting the form is an unknown entity, or if you have any concerns, be sure to confer with an entertainment lawyer prior to signing any document.