Raising More Money for Your Movie with IndieGoGo (with Adam Chapnick)

In this interview, Adam shares...

  • Surprising and revealing data and statistics filmmakers need to know to run a financially successful crowdfunding campaign
  • The 2 essential perk price-points every campaign must offer
  • The most important question a filmmaker needs to answer to inspire people to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign
  • The #1 thing you must do to create momentum with your crowdfunding campaign
  • Exactly how often producers should be sending updates and which types of updates are best
  • Advice on how to produce a compelling invitation video that motivates people to fund your campaign
  • Insights on the Jobs Act and using crowdfunding to acquire equity investors
  • How to naturally and authentically use a powerful sales tactic to accelerate your funding results
  • Unique perks that engage your audience, entice people to contribute, and ultimately increase the amount of money you raise

Adam Chapnick previously oversaw Film and New Media at IndieGoGo, where he also served as CEO of the now-defunct Distribber.com, a flat-fee distribution service that placed independent films on digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Cable VOD, while allowing filmmakers to keep 100% of their revenue.

He was recently named one of “19 Brave Thinkers in Independent Film” by uber-producer Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film blog. Adam speaks regularly on cutting edge distribution, fundraising and audience engagement strategies at markets and festivals including Sundance, South By Southwest, Digital Hollywood, AFM, and more.

Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGoGo
Free Crowdfunding Campaign Field Guide
Connect with Adam: Twitter | LinkedIn



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