Pitch Your Screenplay via Stage32 Pitch Sessions (with Joey Tuccio)

Joey Tuccio is the former president of Happy Writers. He founded the company in 2011 after working as an executive for various film production companies including Bold Films (Drive, Whiplash, Nightcrawler). Joey has always had a soft spot for screenwriters and the myriad of challenges they face in trying to break into the industry - and he understood the plight of many development executives, managers, and agents in the industry who found it challenging to discover quality material and exceptional new talent. His novel idea to connect screenwriters and executives via Skype was an instant success.

In April of 2014, Stage 32 acquired Happy Writers and named Joey President of Stage 32 Happy Writers - a division of Stage 32. To date, The Happy Writers and the Online Pitchfests in conjunction with Stage 32 has lead to over 200 screenwriters launching their careers by securing representation, being optioned or sold, or landing work writing for either television or film.

Stage 32 Pitch Sessions is proud to boast over 400 managers, agents, producers, directors of development, and other high level decision makers in their stable of executives who hear pitches for the company. Many of these executives also provide coverage services (so you never have to guess who's reading your script ever again!), teach classes and labs, and offer mentoring opportunities exclusively for Stage 32 Happy Writers.

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Connect with Joey Tuccio on his new platform, Roadmap Writers


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