Package Your Filmmaking or Screenwriting Brand & Pitch Presentation (with Donna Loyd)

In this interview, Donna shares...

  • How to discover your personal brand as a filmmaker, producer or writer so you can package yourself for success
  • How to effectively convey your personal brand in meetings & presentations
  • What every filmmaker needs to know about pitching film projects
  • The #1 thing you must do when submitting an initial pitch to a gatekeeper
  • The 3 most common mistakes filmmakers, writers, and producers make in packaging, branding, and pitching their projects... and how you can avoid them

Donna began her career as a producer before turning her sights to brand marketing and focusing on how the two work hand in hand in any aspect of the industry. As a producer or in development, Donna’s strength is in seeing the “big picture” and easily identifying the best way to market and “make some noise” about a project.

Throughout her career, she has worked with such companies as Disney, E! Entertainment Television, Dial Corporation, Women in Film, Nordstrom, Hilton Hotels, Regent-Beverly Wilshire, Universal Studios, and Dick Clark Productions. Donna also helps independent filmmakers craft their personal brand package and compelling 2-minute pitch presentations. She is available to work in-person with clients in Los Angeles, as well as globally via Skype.

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