Equity Financing for Indie Films with Slated (with Duncan Cork)

In this interview, Duncan shares...

  • The two investor fears your project must address to acquire financing
  • How to demonstrate inevitability so your film can attract investors
  • Understanding your entrepreneurial role as a producer
  • How to ensure your film project garners momentum and financing interest
  • How to use the Slated platform to gain exposure for your project, and connect with investors and industry professionals
  • Why you must understand the market value of cast
  • The biggest misconception equity investors have
  • How producers can demonstrate ROI for financiers
  • How Slated is helping (and how producers can help) educate investors that film is a viable asset class

On January 28, 2014, as this episode was about to be released, Slated announced Duncan Cork was stepping down as CEO of the company and as a member of the Board of Directors, and would be staying on in an advisory role as the company introduces a new focus.

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