Curate Your Film with Fandor (with Liz Ogilvie)

In this interview, Liz shares:

  • Tips for designing and implementing a great marketing campaign
  • Exciting changes, innovations & trends in marketing indie films
  • New opportunities for filmmakers in Emerging distribution models
  • How Fandor helps filmmakers
  • How filmmakers can make money in collaboration with Fandor
  • How to submit your film and work with Fandor

Liz Ogilvie is Director of Market Programs for Fandor, a San Francisco-based company that is the leading online curation service for independent and world cinema. With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, Liz Ogilvie's main goal is to make Fandor a household name.

Previously, she founded the marketing agency CrowdStarter, where she worked on release campaigns for a wide range of distribution companies. She has worked in executive roles at Tribeca Film, B-Side Entertainment, and New Video Group and serves on the IFP Advisory Board.

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