How to Obtain Endorsements for Your Book

An endorsement, also known as a testimonial or “blurb”, is a quote from an established author or recognized expert (such as an historian knowledgable about your subject) that is used to help promote and sell your book. For an unknown author, endorsements can compel readers to take a chance on someone who they have never read before.

How to Request an Endorsement:

Step 1: Create a list of authors and experts to contact. Approach authors who write on similar topics or in a similar style to you and/or experts who have the same audience as you and will be recognized by your readers. Contact information is often found on an author’s or expert’s website.

Step 2: Submit a brief email outlining your request:

  • Double check the contact's name is spelled correctly.
  • Always address the person formally (Ms., Mr., Dr.) until he or she informs you it’s acceptable to use the person’s first name.
  • Open the request by identifying why you specifically chose the person to contact (perhaps you loved the author’s latest book, or you’ve been following the expert’s career and admire the person’s opinion).
  • Request the endorsement and provide information about your book that will give the person a sense of what you’re asking the author or expert to read, and why the person would be excited about reading and reviewing it.
  • Outline the steps the person needs to complete to provide the endorsement. Let the author or expert know that it is a quick and easy process. Provide a link to online storage to access the manuscript, a synopsis or sales-sheet, your author bio, and pre-written endorsements the author or expert can use verbatim or edit. Offer to mail the documents if the reviewer prefers printed material. Note the deadline date for receipt of the reviewer’s endorsement (always provide a minimum of four weeks for someone to review your manuscript).
  • Close the email by thanking the person for his or her time and consideration.

Step 3: For each author or expert who provides an endorsement, send a handwritten “thank you” note, a copy of the print version of the published book, or a small gift.