Data-Proven Strategies to Boost Film Sales & Conversion Rates (with Infographic)

from Jamie Wilkinson, VHX (now Vimeo OTT)

Offer Special Savings

Raise awareness about your project by offering special savings for a limited time. When they’re substantial (we’re talking 50% or more), and last a short time (a few days or less), offering a special savings opportunity has a proven record of increasing sales – and not only by a little. On average, offering steep, short-term, “flash-sale”-style savings on VHX resulted in 4x higher conversion rates and 6x more sales week-over-week.

Share your savings voucher with your social media audiences: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LiveJournal, Instagram. If your movie is being mentioned on reddit or The Pirate Bay, chime in and share a savings voucher. If a blog or publication is writing about your movie, design a customized “MagazineName” voucher - it will make the purchase feel even more special. Awareness is key!

Offer Subtitles

VHX data shows that films and video content with subtitles consistently outperform and sell more than those without subtitles. Why? Increased traffic + a higher conversion rate.

  • More people can see your film. Subtitles open the door to your potential audience, who are in multiple countries and speak many languages. On the VHX platform, 48% of sales come from outside the US.
  • Increased traffic driven to your site from associated countries. Fans in Japan, watching your movie with Japanese subtitles, tell their friends about your movie. That added community immediately grows the potential buzz and social media reach of your content, as fans bring fans to your site.
  • More people coming to your site will buy your film.Your international audience is on average twice as likely to purchase your film after visiting your website when subtitles are available in their language.

Jamie Wilkinson: