5 Essentials for a Successful Indie Film Crowdfunding Campaign (with Infographic)

from John Trigonis

1. Platform
Choose the right platform for you and your project. Consider the tools offered, social media integration, analytics, customer service, appearance, and whether you prefer the “All or Nothing” or “All or More” model (either walking away with some money or no money in the event of an unsuccessful campaign).

2. Pitch
First impressions are everything. Your invitation (pitch) is the single most important part of your campaign. It’s the one and only chance you have to sell yourself (and not necessarily your project). Invite your potential contributors to be a part of your project. Tell them about yourself, why you want to make this film, and why they should get involved and contribute.

3. Promotion
Crowdfunding is just another word for marketing. A successful campaign demands around-the-clock promotion, engagement, and community building. That translates to constant tweets, relentless Facebook status updates, and email blasts. You can keep your audience engaged with contests, giveaways, and compelling videos.

4. Perks
While there’s nothing wrong with offering standard definition (sd) perks (like social media shout outs, tee-shirts, DVD & Blu-ray copies, signed posters, and scripts), and more High Def (HD) perks (such as associate and executive producer credit, and dinner or a Skype call with the director), it’s much better to offer 3-D experiences: think outside the box and get creative and personal with your perks (like offering a customized acrostic poem of a contributor’s name or turning a contributor’s photo into a vintage album cover).

5. Personalization
People give to people, not projects. Personalize everything in your campaign. The spirit of your invitation, your perks, and your engagement should be you as a person. Give to your potential contributors a piece of you, and they’ll give you more than just a part of their paycheck. They’ll give you the power you need to really succeed!

Platform: IndieGoGo.com
Crowdfunding for Filmmakers book on Amazon
John Trigonis: Twitter.com/Trigonis


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