4 Steps to Successfully Finance a Film Project with Slated (with Infographic)

from Duncan Cork

1. Sign Up. Quick and easy free membership sign-up at: Slated.com

2. Submit. Submit your film for approval and listing. Viable projects should have these qualifying elements:

  • Narrative film budget: $500k to $15+ million
  • Director attached
  • Marketable lead actor attached
  • Established producer and/or team
  • Sales agent attached (preferred)
  • 25% financing already acquired (preferred)

3. Demonstrate Viability. Reduce risk and negate fear in an investor’s mind by proving your film is an “inevitability”. Show your project has momentum and is moving forward. Encourage your cast, crew, and team to actively participate. Update the film profile on a consistent basis.

4. Network. Build your network and cultivate relationships. Connect with other members and respond to inbound inquiries from potential investors and companies.


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