10 Ways to Create a Valuable & Irresistible Offer that Inspires Investors to Finance Your Films… Quickly and Easily (with Infographic)

What entices investors to make a financial commitment? A feeling of certainty.

Here are 10 ways you can create confidence, and add value and excitement to your offer:

1. Viable Revenue Model
A profitable revenue plan that outlines how and when investors will make money

2. Film Slate
A slate of films reduces exposure, which lowers risk to the investor

3. Buyers Who Want What You’re Selling
Sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, audience

4. Secured Distribution Strategy
Pre-sales, a viable partnership deal, or a direct distribution plan

5. Experienced Executive Team
A film doesn’t sell itself and generate revenue without an executive team

6. Creative Team (Writer, Producer, Director) with a Track-Record
Hire a team who have the skills, experience, or cache necessary to acquire financing

7. Marketable Talent
Without a marketable cast, you have limited sales

8. Foreign Pre-sales
Pre-sales are a form of guaranteed distribution and prove market viability

9. An Attractive Exit Strategy
An enticing opportunity returns investment and profit within 3 to 5 years

10. Confidence in Your Offer
Conveying confidence inspires others to feel confident about you and your offer